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Another meme? YES ANOTHER ONE!

The Five Questions Meme
How this meme works:
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

firthgal asked me:

1. What is your favorite episode of Merlin?
My favorite episode of Merlin would have to be Sweet Dreams because of the Shakespearean feel to it. Lovesick!Arthur and Vivian were so amusing. The one-liners were hilarious. The writing and directing of the episode was , in my opinion, some of the better works of Merlin. Even if I was disappointed in Merlin for leaving Vivian permanently bewitched. Fun fact: Alice Troughton is the first female director to work on Merlin and Lucy Watkins, is also the first female screenwriter on Merlin.

2. What are a few of your favorite moments from Buffy?
Hmm… favorite moments of Buffy.
Giles. . . With a Chainsaw
In the eppy , Fear Itself, When Anya shows up late to the Halloween Haunted House and is unable to get in (via lack of door and windows), so she runs to get help from the most logical of choices, Giles. When he arrives, he decides to counteract the impenetrable frat house not with any sort of spell or talisman, but with a chainsaw. Thus the brilliant shot of Giles cutting through a wall, all kick ass and making me swoon. *sigh*

Buffy’s in Cleaveland
In the eppy The Wish Done the scene right before Giles ruin’s Anyaka’s evil plans, the entire cast is essentially killed off in no more than thirty seconds. Oz kills Willow. Xander kills Angel. Buffy kills Xander. And then, right before everything is undone, Buffy's neck is snapped by The Master. The whole slow-motion killing spree is such a powerful message told in the best portrayal of dramatic irony that I’ve seen on television.

Giles’ Artistic Abilities.
During the eppy Hush everyone in Sunnydale is rendered mute. Thus the only way of communication between the Scooby is through dry erase white boards and Giles’ handy overhead projector. Where he displays stick-figury gentlemen ripping the hearts from their victims and Buffy with too wide hips. And then Giles’ artistic skills (or lack thereof depending on who’s watching) make a comeback in season 7 (YAY!Continuity) Giles ends up drawing these graphically violent note cards for Chow-Ann (who knows not a word of English and ends up locking herself in the bathroom.). I think the Dawn’s reaction of “Holy Crap!’ explains it pretty well. Oh Giles, oh show, how I love you so.

Faith in Buffy‘s Body
This episode saw Faith steal Buffy's body -- and then does some funny stuff. My favorite moments involve the scene following right after the switcher. Now that Faith is safely disguised as Buffy the first thing she should do is get out of Sunnydale post-hasty, right? Not exactly. The first thing she does is wait for it… take a bath. Yep. Faith takes bath in Buffy’s body. I find this utterly amusing but also hilarious as when she gets out she is not quite done in the bathroom just yet. Thus the audience gets to see Sarah playing Faith, playing Buffy in the mirror. “Don’t do that. It’s wrong. I’ll kick your ass!” So freaking funny and that laugh at the end is so creepy!evil. It gave me chills. Also the line above. Faith repeats it three times in this eppy and each time she says it more sincerely. Just thought I’d not that because I love by the end of the eppy, being Buffy is less of a joke to Faith. She think I’m Buffy and Buffy helps people, so I have to help these people. It’s sweet and kinda twisted but also sweet.

It‘s About Power
The first episode of Season 7, Lessons, isn’t my fav eppy but the ending of it is one of my favorite Buffy moments of ALL time.

SPIKE: The thing is...I had a speech. I learned it all. Oh, God. She won't understand, she won't understand.
WARREN: Of course she won't understand, Sparky. I'm beyond her understanding. She's a girl. Sugar and spice and everything...useless unless you're baking. I'm more than that. More than flesh...
GLORY:...more than blood. I'm... you know, I honestly don't think there's a human word fabulous enough for me. Oh, my name will be on everyone's lips, assuming their lips haven't been torn off. But not just yet. That's alright, though...
ADAM:...I can be patient. Everything is well within parameters. She's exactly where I want her to be. And so are you, Number 17. You're right where you belong.
THE MAYOR: So what'd you think? You'd get your soul back and everything'd be Jim Dandy? Soul's slipperier than a greased weasel. Why do you think I sold mine? (laughs) Well, you probably thought that you'd be your own man, and I respect that, but...
DRUSILLA:...you never will. You'll always be mine. You'll always be in the dark with me, singing our little songs. You like our little songs, don't you? You've always liked them, right from the beginning. And that's where we're going...
THE MASTER: ...right back to the beginning. Not the Bang... not the Word... the true beginning. The next few months are going to be quite a ride. And I think we're all going to learn something about ourselves in the process. You'll learn you're a pathetic schmuck, if it hasn't sunk in already. Look at you. Trying to do what's right, just like her. You still don't get it. It's not about right, not about wrong...
Buffy: ...it's about power.

It amazes me how they transition Glory (Claire is so short) into Adam (who is major tall) and made it look not ridiculous. Also I like how Glory talks about blood and that was kinda about her whole story line and the Master is the one to “back to the beginning” and he was the first big bad. This scene shows us just a snippet of each of Buffy’s major villians (sans-darth willlow) but each snippet is so in character and so perfect. I just loved it.

Man, did I go overboard with that answer or what?

3. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An archeologist because I was OBSESSED with Ancient Egypt. I wanted to travel the world. Also the thought of holding something in my hand, something that once belonged to a person who lived hundreds of years ago seemed so amazing. My mom bought me a lot of books on it and I fancied myself some sort of expert on the ancient Egyptians and their every-day lives. I would go around telling all the kids on my block about how in order to mummify people they first had to yank their brains out of their nose with a scalpel. Charming 3rd grader, wasn’t I?

4. What will you miss most about high school?
My friends most definitely. It’s going to be so weird not going to school every day and seeing them everyday. Also my favorite classes: creative writing, poetry, history. I regret never taking an art class because I’m sure it would be on that list.

5. What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween. I can dress up as anything. I’ve always liked to wear clothes that other people might find odd or ugly but since moving to my little suburban town I’ve sticked to jeans and t-shirts and only randomly wearing the odd piece (I LOVE my earring collection!). But on Halloween I can wear anything I want and nobody can say anything and if they do I can just say “It’s Halloween”. I would wear costumes everyday if I could. I love dressing up.


me in a nutshell

snagged from team_hatter

I am:
Happy. Sad. A good friend. Adventurous. Shy. Confident. Procrastinating. A male. Bored. Anxious. Clumsy. Sociable. Always punctual. Selfish. Intelligent. Funny. A female. Sarcastic. Insecure. Sick. Beautiful. Articulate. LOUD. Kind. Even tempered. Honest. Short. Tall. Medium height. Proud of myself. Loving. Witty. Down to earth. Outspoken. Determined. High-maintenance. Pretty. Assertive. Organized. Selfless.

I have:
Brown hair. Brown Eyes. Blue Eyes. Curly hair. Long fingernails. Braces. Chipped nail polish. Long legs. Straight hair. A side-fringe. Long eyelashes. Sore feet. Freckles. Dark skin. Medium skin. Green eyes. Blonde hair. Dyed hair. Short legs. Red hair/Brown. Big boobs. Rosy cheeks. Wavy hair. Black hair. Small-ish waist. Tattoos. Piercings. Big ears. Short hair.

I love:
Flowers. Kisses. Summer. Coffee. The rain. Candles. Incense. Late night talk shows. Insects. Hugs. Attention. The beach. Chocolate. Music. Beanies. Harry Potter. Twilight. Facebook. Black and white photos. Sleeping in. Driving. Narrating my pet's thoughts. Opening gifts. Buying gifts. Halloween. Cute texts . Apples. Compliments. Country music. Hip hop. Sushi. Sports. Art. Singing. Seeing my loved ones happy. Surprises. Sunsets and sunrises. Skinny dipping. Horror movies. Simon Cowell. Family Guy. Garlic. Hearing somebody talk in their sleep. Being right. KFC. Abstract photography. Concerts and festivals. Tanning. Oversized t-shirts.

I would love to be a:
Police officer. Lawyer. Doctor. Teacher. Fruit picker. Mother. Greenpeace volunteer. Hippie. Groupie. Rockstar. Footballer's wife. Therapist. Singer. Actor. Diving instructor. Lottery winner. Company owner. Housewife. Nurse. Builder. Race car driver. Website developer. An inspirational talker. Music teacher. Artist. Chef. Makeup artist. Hairdresser. Restaurant owner. Homeless shelter volunteer. Fitness trainer. Vet. Radio show host. Band manager.

I like to eat:
Fruit. Vegetables. Fast food. Sushi. In bed. Rice. Sandwiches. Subway. Chicken. Cakes. Seafood. A lot. Pasta. Rice crackers. When I'm bored. Cheese.Ice cream. Garlic bread. Peanut butter out of the jar. Eggs. Lots of ethnic foods. Pancakes. Honey. Lunch. Bread crusts. Low calorie foods. Soy products. Gluten free products. Only when I'm hungry. Toast. Breakfast. Pizza.

I dislike:
Cold mornings. Baths. People dissing my taste in music. People in front of me walking really slowly. Having my personal space invaded. Cleaning. Going to bed early. Wine/beer. Religion arguments. Coffee. The beach. Rain. Children. Having my photo taken. Drama. Gossiping. Hip hop. Cooking shows. Drugs. Cats. People singing happy birthday to me. Selfish people. Social networking sites. Swimming. Snow. Eminem. Seafood. One word text messages. Awkward silences. Alarm clocks. Hypocrites.


Tweet fest #1

On Twitter today from 6pm est to 8pm est trying to get #AllisonMack on the trending topics. With everyone's effort we hot #AllisonMack higher than both Justin Bieber AND Lady Gaga! Seriously, so much love for our conjoined effort.

I lost a few followers because apparently my contributions to the #AllisonMack tweetfest was around 3 continuous pages and I was annoying them. But I gained a few and it was totally worth it to see #AllisonMack moving higher and higher on the trending topics.

Anyway tomorrow at 8am est we're having a #SaveOurSeeker Twittering event and another #LegendoftheSeeker twittering event tomorrow at 12pm est.

So if anyone has a twitter feel free to join us in getting #SaveOurSeeker and #LegendoftheSeeker on the Trending Topics.

If anyone is interested or has any questions regarding the rules. Feel free to ask.

Saturday, May 1, 2010 10:13am
Tweetfest #2 was officially a success. We got #SaveOurSeeker 7th trending I believe.
I got put in jail for over tweeting again so then I switched over to my mother's twitter and exhausted her timeline as well. I hope I'm allowed to tweet by 12pm so I can be a part of the third Tweet fest. So excited!

Saturday, May 1, 2010 3:32pm
Tweetfest #3 was so freaking awesome. Not only were we a trending topic but we were number two world wide. Don't believe me?

check it!

We just fell off the TT a bit earlier which means we were trending for a little over 3 hours. We kicked ass today (so much that I don't even mind that one of my twitter accounts got suspended :p) I'm really proud to be a part of the Seeker fandom.

Save Our Seeker Update.

Funds are being raised for an advertisement to promote 'Legend of the Seeker' in either Variety Magazine or The Hollywood Reporter. (depending on the amount raised)

Please click here:

As of approximately 1AM on April 30th/2010, over $5000.00 of the $6244.00 goal has already been met. :D

And also our efforts have been talking about all over the internet but one of my favorite comments has been by Damian Holbrook. He is the Senior Writer at TV Guide and he was impressed by our devotion & courtesy.

wow, the #LegendoftheSeeker fandom isn't just devoted, they're courteous, too! #SaveOurSeeker #Season3 http://www.saveourseeker.com

The Petition also has 8739 signatures last time I checked.

Sign here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3/

I'm so excited guys! I really think we have a chance of saving this show.

Save Our Seeker- Donate

Donate button
Thank you everyone who said they'd be willing to contribute to a trade advertisement purchase.

Variety prices:
Full page black&white - $6,244
1/2 page b&w - $3,739

Still waiting for a reply from The Hollywood Reporter - which will be cheaper.

A few suggested other ideas such as mobile billboards to drive outside the network studios in LA, and pages in Entertainment Weekly, so even if we don't raise enough money for a trade magazine ad, there are other ways.

A Charity/Non-profit PayPal account has been set up by halfabubble.

Anyone willing to help her organise this would be appreciated and should contact her via message.

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Paypal email address seekeradvert@googlemail.com or comment/PM me.

Here is the HTML code for the donate button for you to spread around

You don't need a Paypal to donate, just a credit/debit card and click the link on the bottom left of screen beside the "login" box.
For those without a card, you can also buy pre-paid Visa cards in convenience stores, with a certain amount of money on which you can use on Paypal

We need to act quickly, GO FORTH AND PIMP!
I could have sworn that LotS had been picked up for a third season but then I saw this

Exclusive: 'Legend of the Seeker' Canceled

Anyway I had hoped this article was 100% wrong until I saw some tweets this morning.

Bridget Regan [aka Kahlan Amnell] tweeted:

@Dear_B or should I say Dear Diary? Got some news that Seeker is no more. So sad to say goodbye to my NZ family but excited for what's next.

And Dayna Porter [Bridget's stunt double] tweeted:
Would think after all this time and jobs ive done it would get easier to end a job, this one has been the hardest *hanging up my daggers*

Bridget's Twitter: http://twitter.com/BridgetRegan
Dayna's Twitter: http://twitter.com/Daynastunts
My Twitter: http://twitter.com/caitlynaricelis

Video By: N0ReturnPr0ductions

Here is some of the things you guys can do:


(It's a QUICK process to simply sign the petition and the more signatures we get the better).


(Just a QUICK email. Won't take even 2-3 minutes. Make sure they are all checked and send in your email to save our seeker).


(Seriously it's just 5-10 dollars. I can spare 5 dollars & I know a lot of other people can too. This is what the Jericho people did to get their show back from the dead and it helped them - so hopefully it'll help us too!!!)


(They are specing ideas & such over here. PLEASE go here to catch up on the latest of what you can do to help!)

GET ON TWITTER. You can simple type in the #legendoftheseeker hashtag to see what's going on. So far we are tweeting these cable networks to consider or reconsider legend of the seeker for a 3rd season.
@syfy @starz_channel @ABC_Publicity @CW_network @cw50detroit @CBSitweets @SPACEchannel @WOSACanada @WGNTV & more. If you have additions to make add them in the comments.
Again it's easy to join twitter http://www.twitter.com If you guys are still confused about it just add me on twitter and I'll help: http://www.twitter.com/caitlynaricelis

FINALLY publicity. We need the media outlets out there to start writing up articles about what we are doing I feel. It's publicity & opens a lot of peoples eyes. If there are any writers on my flist, feel free to write about our campaign. WE'D LOVE IT! Here are some articles that have been put out there so far (that I know of):
1) http://confessed4life.yolasite.com/update/abc-television-braves-irate-fans-over-fantasy-show
2) http://sffandom.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/seeker-fans-launch-campaign-to-save-their-show/
3) http://theseekerflag.wordpress.com/

(Again if there are more articles websites feel free to add them in the comments).


Come one everyone! Even if you're not a fan, take pity on the rest of us and just take a minute out of your day to sign the petition.

This show is not ready to die. Season two has been building an arc for season 3 and the episodes are getting better and better each week. Legend of the Seeker NEEDS a season 3.

And if I've learned anything being a Whedon fan it's that the fans can make a difference and if the browncoats can do it so can the conseekadors or whatever we're called.

Anyway my point is sign the petition, tweet about it, repost the youtube video, send a letter, whatever you can do. But let's do something because I'm just not ready to let this show go.

What's new.

So I've been super bored lately. I saw Clash of the Titans yesterday. It was pretty good. I just wish that the god's and goddess had more screen time.

I've made a new youtube account because I've gotten two strikes on sarizalite. SUBSCRIBE!

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For lolz... James and Keira spoiling the end of atonement.

That's it guys. Adios till later.

Happy Easter

I know that Easter is all about Jesus being killed for our sins and then raising from the dead. But my family has never been super devoted, so our Easters are all about the chocolate and peeps.

I used to have these resurrection eggs. My mom had bought them for me on my birthday and told me that hey were both a birthday and Easter present. TO this day she denies she did that but I know for a fact that the resurrection eggs were my birthday present because I remember thinking why am getting Easter eggs on my birthday?. The eggs have these little plastic pieces that tell the story of Easter.

My mom also spent of majority of today looking for chickens but she couldn't find any. So I ate a lot of food and candy and then slept off my sugar coma.

Oh! FYI, I live right by Just Born aka the PEEP Factory.

It's all about the peeps.